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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- I have problems downloading content from this website. What should i do?

Just go to the How To Download section.

Q2- Why don`t you upload hacks/cheats to direct links servers?

Just think! If we upload hacks/cheats there, tons of people would download them and all hacks/cheats would be saturated and it causes that would be detected by game developers. We upload our hacks/cheats and we protect through surveys to don’t be detected by Facebook/Developers.

Q3- The hack/cheat didn’t work. Please help me.

You shouldn’t worry. We have a team which is online more than 16/24 hours. If the hack/cheat didn’t worked for you please contact us so we can give you fast a working version. Although the chance for a unworking hack/cheat is less than 5%.

Q4- I want a game to be hacked. Can i make requests?

Yes! You can request to us the hack/cheat and we will add it on your list.